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LSC Communications/RR Donnelley

We have given multiple seminars to help educate employees on the options available. Education of your options is our top priority, to help accomplish this, we recorded one of our initial seminars to help educate you of your benefit options.

Follow this link to access the recording! 

Our team is well versed in the benefit options available to you as this plant is working toward closing its doors. We have been putting on Information Meetings to help educate you, as employees of these options.

We encourage you to get a Financial Plan to determine what is best for you.
Our team at Boyer and Sappenfield Investment Advisors has over 70 years of combined Financial and Retirement Planning experience, including working with many former LSC Communications (RR Donnelley) employees.

Please know that we stand ready to help provide advice through this unexpected transition in your life.

Call/Email/ or Text one of our Advisors (Below) today to set up a free consultation

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